Galak-Z: The Dimensional


Game: Galak-Z: The Dimensional
Developer: 17-BIT
Publisher: 17-BIT
Release: TBA 2014
Genre: Space shooter


Since each game of Galak-Z is a unique, randomly-generated adventure, you’ll be able to dive deep into a fresh experience anytime you have a free moment, no matter where you are.






Galak-Z: The Dimensional is set for release on PS4 and Vita this year. It is a space shooter with randomly generated levels plus some anime thrown into the mix. The Japanese devlopers describes it as a roguelike, inspired by games like Spelunky and Don't Starve (you can read more about the game in this blog post made by the developers.) You will be able to take control of a variety of spaceships, designed with inspiration from 80's anime. The artificial intelligence in the game will give you a real challenge as well, acting like lifelike pilots they will pose a real threat to you in dogfigts. Sounds interesting? Have a look at this amazing gameplay video, and you will like it even more.




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Playstation Vita Pets


Game: Playstation Vita Pets
Developer: Spiral House
Publisher: Sony
Release: TBA 2014 (EU)
Genre: Pet simulator


In the game you pick from four different puppies, each with their own personality, sense of humour and character traits. Together you and your new friend will be able to do all the things you would do with a real dog or in any other pet sim but in PlayStation Vita Pets we allow you to go further!







Playstation Vita Pets is an upcoming Vita title that will release in Europe during 2014. It is hard to not compare it with Nintendogs, but there are some notable differences. Of course you can do the usual pet stuff, like bathing, walking, playing, dressing up etc. But Playstation Vita Pets will also have an adventure mode where you and your talking (!) dog go out on an adventure on Castlewood Island. There will be spooky places to visit and puzzles to solve. All you need to know can be found in this video and in this blog post on Sonys website.





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Game: FORMA.8
Developer: MixedBag
Release: Q3 2014
Genre: Metroidvania


In a distant future, the small exploration probe forma.8 is stranded alone on the surface of an alien planet. It will face great perils, discover ancient civilisations and dystopian visions. But not everything is as it seems…






Forma.8 is an upcoming Vita game from an Italian indie developer. It will be released for PS4 and PS Vita, as well as a whole bunch of other platforms, and it is built with the Unity engine. In Forma.8, you control an exploration probe that by accidents lands on an unknown planet. You will need to explore the planet in order to collect a vital energy source beneath the surface. You start the game with no weapons or powers, and pretty much no instructions. It is up to you to explore the world and uncover the story. And of course, the planet has a whole bunch of hostile inhabitants… The games visuals remind alot of the old Xbox title Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, but gameplay seems to be slower paced. You can check out a trailer here.




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