Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair


Game: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Publisher: NIS America
Release: September 2nd, 2014 (NA) - September 5th, 2014 (EU)
Genre: Visual Novel, Mystery



As your fellow classmates start dropping like coconuts, you'll need to delve into each murderous incident, forage for clues, and interview your classmates to reveal the opportunity, motive, and means behind each killer case!








Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is the sequel to the popular Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The game was originally released on PSP a few years ago in Japan. Gameplay and story is very similar to the first game. You arrive at an academy together with a group of students, not knowing that Monokuma has other plans for you. The deal is that if you kill another student and get away with it, you get to leave the academy. If you fail, you are executed. Gameplay is divided into three parts. First you socialize with students and drive the plot forward, then when a dead student is found you examine the crime scene for clues. These clues are then used in the third part, the class trial. There is a trailer available here, and if you are good at japanese you can visit the official website. There is also a third Danganronpa game in development for the Vita, but the release date is unknown.




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Invizimals: The Resistance


Game: Invizimals: The Resistance
Developer: Novorama
Publisher: Sony Europe
Release: Summer 2014 (EU)
Genre: AR, Creature Collecting



With an all new story, featuring Keni, Jazmin, Professor Dawson plus the kids from the TV series you can expect a rollercoaster adventure once more. Invizimals are now everywhere! LET THE HUNT BEGIN!







Invizimals: The Resistance is an Augmented Reality game developed by Spanish developer Novorama. The game will be released in Europe in 2014 as a sequel to Invizimals: The Alliance. There is no word yet on a US release, but since Invizimals: The Alliance will get a US release in 2014, The Resistance will probably follow as well eventually. The Invizimals games are creature collecting games, similar to Pokémon. In southern Europe the franchise is very popular and you can find Invizimals collectible plastic figures as well as Invizimals collecting cards. There's even an animated series! Anyway, the game relies hevily on the AR features of the Vita. You look for creatures in your home using the Vita's camera and when you find one, you need to capture it. This trailer shows how it works. The game uses something called SmartAR which means you don't have to use the AR cards at all! And as usual, once you capture your creature you will fight other creatures and make it level up so that it transforms into a more powerful form. More information can be found here in this blog post at the official Playstation website.




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Mighty No. 9


Game: Mighty No. 9
Developer: Comcsept, Abstraction Games
Release: April 2015 (NA)(EU)
Genre: Platform


In the year 20XX —- In a world where robotic engineering has greatly advanced.

Dr. White created 9 robot siblings known as the “Mighty Numbers”, who were the most popular and powerful team of robots in the Battle Colosseum and always in the top ranks. But, during one competition there was a sudden act of cyber terror, infecting them with a computer virus causing them to become crazed and rampant.







Mighty No. 9 is a very succesful Kickstarter that collected 4 Million dollars. The reason for this is that the legendary Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man, is behind the project. Mighty No. 9 is considered to be the spiritual successor to Mega Man and the gameplay will be similar to the old cult platformer. Mighty No. 9 is a 2D platformer with 3D artwork. You control the robot Beck who has the ability to both take the weapons from the enemies he defeat and transform into new shapes based on the bosses he has defeated. The story line is that Beck is the only one of a group of combat robots called Mighty Numbers, who is unaffected by a virus. He has to fight and defeat the other Mighty Numbers in order to save the planet. For more information you can visit the official website or look at some early preview footage. There is also this very good preview of a documentary about the creation of the game.






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